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    Our hidden fixed braces are most popular with patients who do not want their braces to show at all. They are fixed to the teeth on the “inside”, ie the tongue side of the teeth and are called “lingual braces”. They are as effective as the traditional braces although treatment may take slightly longer to complete with them. Dr Crotty has many years’ experience in lingual braces.  He uses many types and sometimes patients have a particular preference. He feels that SureSmile qt  is a superior system allowing a more accurate combination of hidden braces on the upper teeth and standard braces on the lower teeth.


    These braces are most popular with our patients who are concerned with the appearance of metal braces. They have a cosmetic appeal as they are made of porcelain. Celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, have chosen aesthetic braces over traditional metal braces.


    Fixed metal braces are the most common type of brace, also known as “train tracks”. They are made of high grade stainless steel. Each bracket is fabricated to fit your tooth and is precisely attached to the teeth by Dr Crotty. The attached metal wires move your teeth into their correct positions and are changed at each adjustment appointment.

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