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Technology and the Modern Orthodontist

cloudMany people think that the use of technology converts the average orthodontist into a modern orthodontist.

However, it is more accurate to state that a modern orthodontist understands the power of modern technology and only uses it when beneficial to the patient. In orthodontics, as in all health areas, technology is only useful if it improves the quality of the treatment received the patient while at the same time reducing discomfort and inconvenience. It is also probably true to say the use of modern technology is of no benefit if the complexity of the problem is misunderstood in the first place.

Dr. Crotty spent many years in general practice and in hospital dentistry in Ireland and the UK, gaining a wide field of experience, before concentrating on orthodontics. Since the late 1980’s, he has been analysing and using cutting edge advances in technology in the orthodontic field. He has combined his experience in diagnosing orthodontic problems and his talent for treating these problems, with the use of modern technology where beneficial.

Modern self-ligating brackets have been standard in his practice for over 15 years. Tooth coloured braces and Invisalign have proven to be popular over the years, in fact, in 2006 Dr. Crotty became one of the first orthodontists in Ireland to offer Invisalgn treatment. More recently, advances in CAD-CAM technology have enabled the development of lingual, hidden braces systems such as Incognito. In 2011, Dr. Crotty became the first orthodontist in Ireland, and only the second in Western Europe, to introduce SureSmile – which now has been further developed to allow Dr. Crotty to offer any combination of standard or hidden braces or aligner treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Crotty has been at the forefront of introducing digital techniques to Ireland, and even lectured on this in the early 1990’s. Digital photography, digital x-rays and digital study models are all well integrated into his practice, as well as modern practice management and filing software, allowing the seamless transfer of information between his two practices, in Cork City and in West Cork.

Although a great believer in the advantages of appropriately used modern technology, Dr. Crotty very much appreciates the importance of the human touch. Modern technology will never replace the value of a warm smile or a caring voice. His staff is chosen with this in mind and each one is encouraged to understand the person behind the brace.

It is this balanced integration of the orthodontist and his staff, with the latest in modern technology that produces a modern orthodontic office.

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