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Recently, mini-implants have been used in orthodontics to maximise the wanted movement and minimise the unwanted. They act by allowing the orthodontist to push or pull the crooked tooth against an implant, so the “…equal and opposite force…” is applied to solid bone rather than movable teeth. The development of these orthodontic implants, also called Temporary Anchorage Devices ( or TAD’s) promise to revolutionise the existing limits in conventional orthodontics.

The advantages of TAD’s are numerous. They can sometimes prevent the need for extractions, avoid the need for headgear, allow movement of teeth in an adult patient with a badly compromised dentition, and enable closing of spaces where traditional treatment would have to rely on extensive crown & bridge treatment after orthodontics.

Dr. Crotty has been placing TAD’s since 2008 and is considered one of the leading orthodontists in this field in Ireland.

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