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Some orthodontic problems are very obvious but some are less apparent.

There may be problems with arrangement of the teeth (usually described as crowding or spacing) or with the way the upper and lower teeth meet (usually described in terms such as prominence, overbite, underbite and crossbite). Under the surface, your child may have teeth that are missing or may have extra teeth, or it could be that unerupted teeth are heading in the wrong direction and becoming trapped.

The hidden developing problems are the reason why it is recommended that your child be seen for assessment by age 9 at the latest.
For children, if unbalanced growth of the jaws plays a role in causing the problem, it is very important to start the treatment before the teenage growth spurt is reached.

Adults have extra problems where they have had teeth removed over the years, or may have lost bone around the remaining teeth. In addition, years of wear will have affected the shapes of the teeth. Many adults also have problems with snoring.

Gum problems and loss of the bone around teeth are more commonly found where the teeth are badly lined up or not biting properly. While these problems can affect the appearance of a smile, of more importance are the adverse effects on one’s health in general and on the heart in particular.

It is important a detailed assessment is carried out to determine not only the visible problems but also the underlying causes. Whatever this assessment shows, there is a wide variety of brace solutions that can be used to deal with your concerns.

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