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    • 20 DEC 17
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    Good Bite v Bad Bite – which one are you?

    The chewing system is composed of teeth, muscles, jaw joint, etc. All of these parts must work together in a harmonious manner for proper function and maintainable health. The muscles are relaxed. The joint is stable and the teeth work in a protected environment.  When teeth bite together in the “normal” bite, all of the

    • 17 SEP 17
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    Dr. Crotty Invisalign Teen #1

    Invisalign is now the most successful system for clear brace orthodontic treatment. Recently Invisalign Teen was developed, with intelligent modifications to compensate for the different problems that teenagers present. The advantages of this system go far beyond the fact this is is a more aesthetic approach to treatment. After careful analysis of the new appliance, Dr.

    • 19 JUL 14
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    Dr. Crotty appointed Key Opinion Leader for Invisalign

    Dr. Crotty was recently  appointed a Key Opinion Leader for the Invisalign EU Advisory Board. This is a recognition of his international reputation within the developing area of digitally assisted orthodontics. His knowledge and appreciation of the opportunities these digital systems offer is not only applicable to Invisalign, but also to Suresmile and the many

    • 22 DEC 14
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    Christmas Hours

    The Douglas & Clonakilty Offices will close @ 5pm on Tuesday December 23rd. The Douglas Office will reopen on Monday January 5th @ 9am, and the Clonakilty Office on Tuesday January 6th @ 9am. In case of emergency in the meantime, please email, with patient name & date of birth and a brief message.

    • 01 MAY 16
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    Celebrating 10 years of Suresmile & Invisalign

    10 years ago, while attending a meeting in Atlanta in the USA, I heard a wonderful lecture from a very clever and caring Orthodontist called Rohit Sachdeva. His ideas sparked in me a desire to never accept mediocrity as an Orthodontist but to make every effort to push myself way beyond being just average. This

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