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    • 22 DEC 14
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    Christmas Hours

    The Douglas & Clonakilty Offices will close @ 5pm on Tuesday December 23rd. The Douglas Office will reopen on Monday January 5th @ 9am, and the Clonakilty Office on Tuesday January 6th @ 9am. In case of emergency in the meantime, please email, with patient name & date of birth and a brief message.

    • 01 MAY 16
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    Celebrating 10 years of Suresmile & Invisalign

    10 years ago, while attending a meeting in Atlanta in the USA, I heard a wonderful lecture from a very clever and caring Orthodontist called Rohit Sachdeva. His ideas sparked in me a desire to never accept mediocrity as an Orthodontist but to make every effort to push myself way beyond being just average. This

    • 05 OCT 17
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    Braces Confidence

    The teenage years can be a traumatic time in the life of your child. Kids can feel under pressure to take perfect selfies, have flawless skin, and maintain model-like figures.   Many children who have noticeably crooked or unevenly spaced teeth, might suffer from harassment and low self-esteem.   Parents have several options:   Traditional

    • 12 OCT 17
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    Braces and Sports

       Does your child play sports? At Your Smile Specialists, we’re always asked:  “Can my child play sports while wearing braces?” It is an important question for kids and parents. Yes – you can wear braces and play sports. The real question is how? For braces patients playing sports, we recommend that they use an

    • 03 FEB 12
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    Annual SureSmile Users Meeting

    22/02/2012 Here are 2 interesting articles to make you think a different way about your teeth and about the health of your mouth. …and you thought your mouth was only for eating food!