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    • 21 OCT 13
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    New!! Somnowell

    New!! Somnowell…Crotty Orthodontics now offers this system to reduce snoring and give a good nights sleep.

    • 11 OCT 17
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    Mums guide to Invisalign

      Today, there is an alternative to metal braces. Parents now have the option of treating their Teenagers with clear braces called Invisalign Teen. Its a more discreet alternative to regular braces, and its suitable for the vast majority of teenagers.   Invisalign for Teens Invisalign has a proven track record with adults, and now

    • 20 AUG 14
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    Keeping your teeth straight.

    It is important to get your teeth straight, and even more important to keep them there. Dr. Crotty currently offers 4 different retainer options, and you can read more about them here.

    • 28 FEB 16
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    Invisalign in Modern Orthodontics

    Clear aligners to create your beautiful smile. Do you want the most advanced & cosmetic orthodontic treatment? Dr. Crotty recently attended the first Congress of the European Aligner Society. Since Orthodontics developed as a specialty almost 100 years ago, there have been arguments about whether “train tracks” or “retainers” should be used. “Train tracks” ( or fixed braces )

    • 10 MAR 16
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    How frequent are my orthodontic appointments?

    “How often do I have to come?”, “What if I think the teeth are not moving as expected?”, “I find it difficult to take time off work for routine appointments, so what should I do?”. These are all frequent and reasonable questions. Fortunately, there is a great solution in sight – and Dr. Crotty is